Manufacture and design of food samples and food models
Ebisu Sample Co., Ltd.
Ebisu Sample Co., Ltd.
Ebisu Sample CO.,Ltd. Direct plant in China

Ever since its foundation in 1980 we at Ebisu Co., Ltd. have been deploying a business aiming at specialized manufacture of samples filled with originalities. As a sample manufacturer focusing on food samples and models, we note seriously the importance of our responsibilities to correspond to the food culture that is advancing unceasingly everyday. Besides, we also emphasize in nurturing human resources that have rich and healthy mind, while appreciating the spirit of foundation of our company.

All the staff at EBISU Co., Ltd. is determined to make further efforts for creating samples satisfying our customers. We would therefore appreciate receiving the patronage of our dear customers.


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EBISU Co., Ltd.
165-1 Nishiwaki, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi, JAPAN 422-8044
Phone: 054-283-4561 (Pilot Number) Fax: 054-283-4565


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